Let’s say you’ve managed to break the ice and now have her full attention. The question now becomes, how do you impress her? You think, “Well, I’m great at poker. Why don’t I tell her all about it?” Wrong! You might as well drop a load in your pants and expect an applause. The only way to impress a lady is to ask her questions. Lots of questions. Women have an inherent need to share their internal dialogue as a way of bonding. Men markedly do not display the same need, and often only express their internal dialogue when seeking a specific answer to a specific problem. It is imperative to understand this difference when playing the mating game. In order to win her over you first need to bond with her and to do this you need to invite her to share her internal dialogue with you. Where did you go to school? What did you study? What do you love? What do you hate? Why? Where you always like this? When did you change? What brought you here? And so on. When doing this it is vitally important that the questions stay on topic and that they relate to what she has just said. Otherwise, you’ll have her thinking that you don’t really care about what she had to say. Show her you actually care about her responses. Being a good listener is a fine art, and there isn’t a single sentient being on this planet that won’t appreciate you for it. In the span of a single conversation you’ll have her impressed with your kindness, curiosity and selflessness. In the end, the less you talk about yourself the better. You will know whether your bonding experiment is working when she starts asking you about yourself. Your cue to talk should be a mark of your success.