Can you admit when you’re wrong? Are you ok with being wrong?
Do you need constant positive reinforcement from those around you?
Do you feel the overwhelming need to define yourself as an individual when you’re with others?
Do you have commitment troubles?
Are you often critical of others?
Do you feel the need to demonstrate your self-proclaimed expertise in a given subject whenever it casually comes up in conversation?
Do you give up easily?
Do you feel you fail more often than you succeed?
Do you often compare yourself to others?

If you've answered yes to some, or most of these questions you may be your own worst enemy. Whether you realize it or not, your low self-esteem may be ruining your life.

Low sense of self worth is a silent killer: its grip around your neck steadily tightens with every passing year eventually devastating your life. It was there, silently whispering in your ear when in college you dated someone you knew you weren’t happy with. It was there when you forfeited spending time with your family and friends in order to climb the corporate ladder, or gave up on the possibility of forming real, long-lasting friendships by showing off instead of showing them who you really are. And all this just so you could prove why, despite what you really believe, you are worthy of respect. You may not realize it, but everything you’ve done in your life is, in some way, a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Though you may think it’s not as bad as all that, you should think again. The road ahead is still a long one my dear quarter-lifer. Low self esteem amounts to a self-fulfilled prophecy; you will fail to achieve your greatest potential and goals not because you are incapable of doing so, but because you perceive yourself incapable. Some of the most successful people in the world have found their goals through relentless perseverance. These people have chosen not to give up despite almost guaranteed failure. What about you? Do you find that you give up easily? That may be your low self-esteem ruining your chances of achieving your dreams. Low self esteem affects all facets of your life in multi-splendored ferocity. Who you fall in love with, how satisfied you are with your job, whether you like your friends, all this and more. So just stop. No, seriously. Studies show that simply becoming aware of a problem can effectively disarm it. Just pay attention to your own negative thoughts and realize how unfounded they really are. You are the author of your life, and as such, inherently its lead character. Stop comparing yourself to the supporting actors, and stop being so hard on yourself.