Have you ever wondered whether your partner is losing interest in you? Well, according to Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin, there is a practical way to do just that. He conducted an experiment using complicated recording equipment which revealed that couples who experienced a greater intensity of love looked into each other’s eyes significantly longer than those who were less in love. He concluded that when someone is sincerely into you they will spend approximately 75 per cent of the time looking at you when talking, rather than the usual 30-60 per cent. The person in love will be naturally drawn to the sight of his or her beloved, but on the flip side, the person falling out of love will likely spend very little time looking at their partner. Just as taking pleasure in looking at someone is an indication of love, being looked at makes us feel loved. So if you find that your partner’s gaze is ever straying from yours, instead of freaking out and falling apart perhaps the best thing to do is to give him or her a little more attention. Like attracts like, right?