Brace yourself, you're about to receive the best relationship advice known to mankind: Communication! Relationships fall apart every day because of the human inability to be honest about our feelings - even with ourselves. But I bet you think you have this one figured out, right? Wrong! Most people mistakenly believe that communication simply entails straightening things out when shit hits the fan in a relationship. Although being able to express you anger or resentment before it turns your relationship to cinders is an important part of it, in the end its only just a part. The equally important and often over-looked other half is our willingness to communicate the positive feelings. We take it for granted that our partner knows how we feel. We assume that by simply being in the relationship, celebrating the anniversaries, the valentine's days and exchanging the occasional "I love you" is enough. It's not. For the sake of building trust, intimacy and mutual happiness you need to let your partner into your inner life. Your partner not only needs to know what it is that makes you happy, s/he needs to know what s/he is doing right that makes you happy. It's obvious that when both of you are at each others' throats that communication is a necessary step in the process of making amends, but sharing your passions, your joys and your victories with your partner is equally important. People who are incapable of expressing and sharing these feelings with their loved ones should not be surprised to find that love fades away because, for them, love has no chance of surviving. If on the other hand you find yourself incapable of sharing happiness because you feel no happiness in the relationship then you cannot allow your conscious mind to lie to you any longer. Proper communications with our deeper selves is also vitally important in the health of a relationship, and your own happiness. If your relationship is making you unhappy then do not force yourself to repress that fact because you are afraid to break up. Repression of any uncommunicated emotion in a relationship will slowly destroy love, passion and even sexual desire, so speak up! No one deserves to be a prisoner to an unhealthy and unhappy relationship. Do not waste your life.